To drive business growth and meet the expectations of increasingly demanding customers, companies must take risks, experiment and innovate or face inevitable stagnation in a competitive industry. In other words, it must carry out research and development.

Generous R&D tax incentives are available to encourage businesses to innovate by reducing their Corporation Tax liability.  However, over £1 billion of R&D tax credits goes unclaimed every year in the UK.

To help companies gain a better understanding of the support available, I am hosting a workshop on 18th March 2015 on claiming R&D tax credits. The purpose of this workshop is to give clarity to the types of projects and activities that may be eligible (including real case studies) and to demystify the apparent complexity of the entire process. Attendees will be better placed to assess the likelihood of their company being able to claim R&D tax relief and understand how to get expert help to progress to the next step.

For more information and to register, please follow the link below…


Simon Eggleton


Interesting and talented people

It’s good to see members posting news and information on our website. We have some really interesting – and talented –  people as members of our group.

Our objective is to continue to grow the group so that we can add more ‘flavour’ to our meetings.

Anyone viewing our website who isn’t a member would be welcome to come along and experience for themselves what our group is all about.

What we try to do is to blend a number of successful features from other networking groups into something that works for us – the members.

We’re not answerable to any large franchise operation. We can be as flexible as we like in making our meetings work to best effect for the benefit of our members.

Support and encouragement can be in short supply for people out there trying to make a go of their own business.

At CBC we work hard to support each other develop our respective businesses – and it seems to work!

An Unusual Fire!!


I saw something interesting, yet disturbing last week. A Client had curtains catch fire when the sun shone through the bedroom window, reflected off the dressing table mirror, set the window on fire and thereby igniting the curtains.

Luckily someone was at home and able to contain it, otherwise that would have been a total loss of the house & even loss of life. We are now on site fitting monitored fire detection of course.


It’s never too early to protect your family, but, as this Client nearly discovered, it may be too late… Contact me if you would like a chat about fire safety or anything else.

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Positive Business Mindset Using Affirmations

Did you ever wonder how you can achieve a Positive business mindset? One way is using affirmations and its is really easy!  You can apply it to anything you say or think. A lot of what we usually say and think is quite negative and doesn’t create good practices for us. We have to retrain our thinking and speaking into positive patterns if we want to change our lives.

Hi I’m Genovieve Feasey deliver workshops where we help professionals to overcome self defeating beliefs and re- affirm positive statements, thoughts and visions using Mind Mapping and Affirmations. Take a look at the benefits and outcomes for each individual. Or contact me at click here… www.thechoicetochange

When I talk about doing affirmations, I mean intentionally selecting words that will also help eliminate something from your life or help create something new in your life. Every thought you think and every word you speak is an affirmation. All of our self-talk, our inner dialogue, is a stream of affirmations. You’re using affirmations every single moment whether you know it or not. You’re affirming and creating your life experiences with every word and thought.

“The secret to having your affirmations work quickly and consistently is to establish an atmosphere for them to grow in”. Genovieve Feasey Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist www.thechoicetochange.com

How Smart is your Home?

iPhone smart home

I handed over a full custom home installation to a Client this morning who has just built a new house, which is to be his family home & thought I would share some of the benefits he now enjoys.

After a couple of initial meetings I was able to identify his immediate requirements & also his future ones. Using that I designed a full mechanical & electrical scheme which gave him the infrastructure to cope with the ever increasing demands of technology, whilst balancing against the budget he had in place for this.

We centralised his home entertainment, which now gives him access to any of his 3 SKY+ boxes, Blu-ray player, Apple TV & Media Server from any of the 8 screens in the home. These screens are all cleanly wall mounted with no associated hardware as it is all tucked away centrally.

The same system also carries the distributed audio entertainment for the home providing an almost limitless library from a media server, internet radio and streaming via Spotify, Deezer & Napster. There are 9 independent audio zones with discreet recessed speakers & even an external waterproof pair on the pool decking.

A robust & high speed data network was installed allowing uninterrupted streaming, on-line game play and, of course the all important home office requirements.

Lighting, heating & comfort cooling are taken care of with a smart control system which provides an almost infinite amount of configurations, yet using scenario programming, operation is as simple as a light touch on a stylish wall plate, tablet or phone.

To protect his investment we installed external boundary sensors, gates with power operation, visitor entry, high resolution CCTV integrated to an intruder / personal attack alarm system. A full, yet discreet fire detection system was also installed. As well as full control and push alerts to smart devices this is also connected via 2 independent transmission paths to our Alarm Receiving & Control Centre, providing an immediate Police & Fire Brigade Response if necessary.

Just as I was leaving I heard him on the phone to one of his friends inviting him round to show off his new toys. Hopefully they will like it and be in touch.

Dave Bowen, CBC Networking, High Wycombe

So on that basis, if you or someone you know is considering a new build or refurbishment, please do get in touch. We offer a cohesive design, installation & after sales service saving you time, money & heartache. I am always happy to have a discussion whether it’s on a grand scale like this one or more conservative scheme.

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Rare Design Case Study: Ibicus


Screen shots

We worked closely with Ibicus to develop their company logo and freshen up their brand. It was important that the new logo could be applied across all media (print and on-line), and also that it could work equally well in full and single colour.

The Ibicus website encompasses a complex range of information and utilities, and our objective was to make the website more user-friendly for both the visitor and the administrator. The first challenge was to design a home page and navigation system that established a hierachy of information. This would ensure that a new visitor to the website would immediately be aware of the scope and extent of information available.

Responsive HTML5 Website
In the multi-device world we live in, Ibicus’s new website embraces the latest programming techniques allowing the website to adapt to different screen sizes.

Content Management:
The website was re-developed and programmed in PHP as the base platform. This was a fundamental choice for creating a powerful content management and eCommerce system. Our bespoke content management system enables the administrator complete flexibility to edit any part of the website through a password protected portal. Furthermore, a fully managed eCommerce system ensures secure payments and accounting records. Invoices and statements are automatically generated and can be managed by Ibicus.

The website includes a shopping basket, search facility and Facebook feed. In addition there is a separate log-in for workshop leaders to update their own biographies and download useful documents. Web analytics has also been integrated to provide detailed tracking of website usage.

Check out my website to view more creative ideas!

Rare Design: eShot animation

Here’s one of my promotional eShots I sent out recently especially for all you lovely people on Valentines Day!

Check out my YouTube Channel for more animations, or alternatively visit my website.

Rare Design Case Study: Odds Farm Park

oddsfarmparkOdds Farm Park’s position in the marketplace was reviewed and it was decided that a clearer and more distinctive visual identity was required. The Odds Farm Park logo was developed, and full brand guidelines created, enabling staff to support implemention of the new brand in-house.

Initially, we designed an eye-catching set of characters (hand drawn) which were to become the basis for all communication. These characters were used to hold up entrance signage and also applied as a montage to create a border for advertising material. The result was a strong, consistent and easily recognisable brand.

Rare Design

As part of this project we created new look leaflets, advertisements, posters (including 48-sheet billboards) and signage. We have also created specific illustrations for Easter, Halloween and Christmas, and continue to support Odds Farm Park on an ongoing basis.

You can check out more of my work on my website: www.raredesign.co.uk



A good start to the day

Today we had a meeting with some great contributions. People entered into the spirit of the themed talks on ‘why they enjoyed their work’ with a lot of members saying how they didn’t like but loved their work!

We’ve agreed to some shared activity to help maintain our website in good order – up to date with interesting content…………… .

Watch this space!

IT Member Update

Looking forward to welcoming Luke Hargreaves from Cloud Smart Solutions at next week’s CBC.