Excel launch Nationwide Direct

Excel Office Supplies have launched a new brand to compete in the Google world. The brand is Nationwide Direct which has been launched with a range of stationery and IT products for the B2B/B2C market.

To promote the site, the marketing team at Excel have called in the Big Guns! Lindsay and Bethany at Excel have teamed up with fellow CBC member Luke at Big Gun Digital for SEO and Social Media training.

To link with us you can go to www.NationwideDirect.co.uk and click on the Facebook icon to ‘like’ and Twitter icon to follow.




Professional advice matters

Nick Knapp gave us a presentation on March 17th on the subject of pensions.

Nick made a complicated subject very understandable by summarising the changes to the new rules on pensions and making use of case studies to demonstrate how these can be applied.

As with so many things in life, good quality advice can be essential in ensuring that serious – sometimes expensive – mistakes aren’t made.

In our group we have a number of talented and knowledgeable people who are able to  give good quality advice. We are looking for more people to come and join us and continue to grow this pool of talent.


Genovieve Psychotherapist shares Information About Mind & Body Connection

Genovieve Psychotherapist shares information about mind & body connection. Hey  Guy’s wanted to signpost the link between stress and illness; to the extent to which stress affects our health and is often under-estimated.

There are some broad meanings for the body’s major mechanisms which will give you an overall indication of the psychosomatic reason:

There are some broad meanings for the body’s major mechanisms which will give you an overall indication of the psychosomatic reason:

  • Bones = Resentment
  • Ligaments = Control
  • Muscles = Guilt
  • Nerves = Unbalanced Communication
  • Skin = Unworthy/Inadequate
  • Tendons = Inflexibility
  • What You Think & Feel, Is What Your Body Senses

    What You Think & Feel, Is What Your Body Senses

As you can see, these body parts are related with a general concept that can be applied in more detail to each individual person founded on how they experience life and their distinctive character.

Any disturbance to our mental, emotional or spiritual health creates stress in our energy centres; so the more extreme or pro-longed the stress is, the more likely we are to experience a change in our physiology. Sometimes these changes go ignored until there is a severe dysfunction that causes us pain or distress. Reason for this INFORMATION so we can address the mind and then be in charge of repairing the body!Genovieve


Real flexibility

Something that really appeals to me about CBC is just how ‘flexible’ the membership seems to be.

By ‘flexible’ I mean that the sorts of services on offer from members can work for businesses of all sizes – from one-person ‘start-ups’ to fully fledged well-developed organisations.

One would think that Simon Eggleton’s presentation at our last meeting on tax credits being available on research and development costs would be all about big companies and how the system works for them. Far from it. This is a tax break that’s available to businesses of all sizes – as Simon made very clear.

With members who can provide all sorts of services from graphic design and website development to accounting and from stationary supplies to advice on business strategy – with lots more besides  – it’s easy to see the advantages in coming along to CBC to find out more about what we do..

We welcome along any individual who take an interest in business and who want to  become – in some way or another – better at what they do – or better connected to help them achieve their objectives.