A great presentation by Martin Shimmen

It’s well worth going into the ‘news’ section of this site and clicking through to see Martin Shimmen’s presentation on what he does as a Master Business Coach.

Martin  sets out clearly how he seeks to assess a business and provide a framework for it to be developed.

It’s a ‘must read’ for anyone who is looking to grow their business – ideally to a stage where they can sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labour – to become an investor in  business – making their money work – so they don’t have to!

Always worth listening to…….

On 14th April Martin Shimmen, Master Business Coach and a CBC member, will go into the spotlight and give the group the benefit of some of his knowledge on how to build and maintain a successful business.

It’s this kind of shared expertise that makes being a CBC member worthwhile.

We’re looking for people to come and join our group so as to widen the breadth of knowledge and skills that we have on offer to members and – of course – to enable them as members to benefit from that which others have to offer..