Our resident mad scientist bouncing smoke bubbles..


Wacky Science meets NLP !!

Well – I don’t think we’ve ever had a ‘Spot light’ session quite like Mike Slade’s session this week!! The tech issues with the projector really didn’t matter one jot, as Mike brought to life his MindGym NLP business with excellent science tricks from his children’s science party business – a man of many talents!

He certainly had the audience’s attention for the full presentation, with Paul C volunteering as an able assistant to take the electric current through his body and light up a tube lamp, just by holding it!

In all seriousness, it was great to learn more about the work Mike does, both within businesses and with individuals. Particularly interested to learn that he works on building motivation with teenagers – I can think of a couple on teens quite close to home who could benefit from this…!

Thanks Mike for a most excellent session,

Count down to our open day

On March 21st – spring equinox – we’re having an open morning giving people the opportunity to find out more about networking in general – and CBC in particular.
For many starting up in business networking is a big unknown. Our approach at CBC is to provide all the good things about networking while dispensing with the undesirable things like hefty regimentation and high costs.
Well worth a visit to find out!

He likes to move it, move it!

Chris Moss our resident logistics and supply chain expert used his Spotlight session at CBC in March to share the services his business offers and explain his background and experience which has led him to this point.

Chris has had a varied career across a number of well known UK businesses and was keen to share his experiences in people development, implementing complex change and business startups alongside his wealth of operational front line experience. This included a spell in Japan 5 days after the 2011 tsunami!

If you want to change or benchmark your logistics or customer fulfilment or want to create or improve your business processes please contact Chris at cm@chrismossassociates.com