Take One TV Showreel

Check out Take One TV’s showreel and see how they can help you promote your business:

A picture is worth a thousand words

Today we had a presentation fromTake One TV that put video into proper context.
Good relevant video content can make so much difference to how people engage with a website –  driving up the amount of time spend there and increasing conversion rates.

This is Take TV’s area of specialism and it’s this kind of presentation that makes CBC so worthwhile.

Rare Animations

Rare Design Spotlight Presentation

At Rare, our take on design is more a hands-on, all-consuming, down-to-earth passion. We simply love what we do.

We also love what good design can do for your business.

Good design works when it connects with your target audience, engages their interest, and gets them to act in a way that validates your faith in us to get the results you want.

See our latest ‘CBC’ presentation below:


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