Chiltern Business Connections

Dynamic business networking

Our approach combines business promotion with business development. As a new member of Chiltern Business Connections you’ll:

  • Discover how established members continue to prosper in hard economic times.
  • Learn through our ‘shared knowledge’ presentations, techniques for business development.
  • Share challenges and get advice from successful and skilled entrepreneurs.
  • Promote your business and get leads to the contacts you want.

Our typical agenda
7:15am Arrival, tea & coffee, informal networking
7:30am Welcome, visitor introductions
7:35am Members’ sound-bite business pitch
7:45am Breakfast
8:00am Presentation: Member’s Business Spotlight / Guest Presentation
8:10am Business Clinic / 123 Breakout /
8:45am Referrals and Feedback / AOB
9:00am End of meeting

Join us for breakfast as a guest!
For your invitation call: 07789 112822

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