How to use Video in your Marketing Strategy for Business Growth

Chiltern Business Communications provides its members with regular opportunities to present to the group about the services they provide to their clients.

Tuesday 22nd May is the next insight talk which will be delivered by Jay Blake, Brand Ambassador for Take One Business Communications sharing how video can be used to maximise your impact online, and tips for getting the most from your video content once it has been created.

Video is used to attract visitors to your website where they can effectively ‘meet’ you and your team, for building trust and demonstrating expertise, or  enabling existing clients to provide client testimonials and case studies. Video can also be a very powerful way of getting your message out on social media and giving you social credibility when people are researching on line.

The presentation will include examples of video created for ourselves and our clients, as well as cost indications to help you understand how video can be included in your marketing strategy in 2018 and of course an opportunity to ask questions!

If you would like to visit Chiltern Business Connections as a visitor next Tuesday, or find out more about the group please get in touch via the website or feel free to contact any of he group members for more information.

Making things easy

I must admit that technology doesn’t come easy to me but today’s session at CBC threw a lot of light on the ways of making better use of our website – being able to make contributions from time to time.

Our chair – soon to be past chair – did a great job of training. He will be missed as chair!!

GDPR – 1 Week to go

Following on from our recent internal briefings on GDPR at Chiltern Business Connections, I have found that the ICO ( has released an advisory document entitled “Getting ready for the new UK data protection law – Eight practical steps for micro business owners and sole traders”. Follow this link to download and read ICO – GDPR for Micro Business

It has some good basic information on what us Micro Businesses and Sole Traders need to do to comply in fairly easy to understand language.

The ICO also has some good automated question/answer checklists to help you see where you are and are not compliant. Go on, have a look – it’s really not that onerous – Click here

Talking Blogs at CBC

CBC members enjoyed a walk through demonstration on how to update and load new blogs for the group from local designer and group member, Jason Chapman of Rare Design. The session covered how to change the lead image, create text content, add a slideshare element and videos to create stunning blog content for the website.

Jason recently redesign the group’s website and working with the marketing team are working on growing CBC, which is a not for profit run by the members for the members.  It’s been established on the networking scene for over 10 years, meeting consistently at Wycombe Heights Golf Club every Tuesday morning for breakfast, business growth and development sessions, as well as referrals – the group grows through building relationships with members and visitors, and from that members also grow their businesses!

Take a look at their latest video for a feel of the meetings, and if you’d like to visit just get in touch!

We’re particularly keen to meet photographers, HR and legal experts as well as trade members.


Are you ready for GDPR?

GDPR comes into effect May 25th 2018

Initially EU ‘driven’ – set to become a worldwide standard – builds upon existing data protection rules.

You should register with Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

6 Principles of data protection

  1. Lawfulness, fairness, transparency
  2. Purpose Limitation
  3. Data Minimisation
  4. Accuracy
  5. Storage Limitation
  6. Integrity and confidentiality


Social Media Magic

Social media takes time and understanding, which is sometimes more than you have. But in the online world we’re living in, can you afford not to be using it effectively in your marketing?


  • It levels the playing field for small businesses vs the Big Boys. 
  • It opens up opportunities for reaching your audience that only expensive options such as radio and TV can offer. 
  • It can build relationships with your raving fans that you never considered possible. 
To achieve these you need a strategy. It’s too easy to spend vast amounts of time spreading your message thinly. 
Boost your Social Media strategy and productivity with Sarah’s simple 9 step action plan to get your Social Media working for you. Whether you’re new or a seasoned user, this will put you on the right track to gaining you the results you want.

Following redundancy 9 years ago, Sarah didn’t feel drawn to another ‘proper job’ and Mushroom Soufflé was born! Discovering her true geekiness, social media took over her life. Training, mentoring, strategy and brainstorming awesome content with business owners and their teams is her thing. Sarah is passionate about YOUR time, the valuable time you invest on social media – don’t waste it!

Sarah is the creator of Social Media Magic, a unique and powerful system designed to save you time while allowing you to be proactive and effective building your profile and attracting more clients online.

To drag her away from screens into the real world, Sarah is usually found street dancing, planning her next challenge (4 mountains done so far!), and being a crazy cat lady with her four (yes, 4!) furry little monsters.

GDPR – What to know

…with one month to go!

A no-nonsense presentation to help business owners understand how to comply.

Join us for this helpful talk which includes a FREE breakfast and networking.

Date: 24 April 2018  •  Time: 7.15am to 9am

Please complete the form on our Contact page or call 01494 775 775 if you would like to attend.

A great meeting was had by all!

Stephen Hawking

Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet.

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