Tracy Reader

Marketing Mechanics

Marketing Mechanics was created by Tracy Reader and Amanda Mundy to provide affordable, flexible and effective marketing advice and solutions for small businesses.

Using our combined 40 years of experience, working in marketing, public relations and operations for both very large and very small businesses, we’ve developed a range of cost-effective services to help you find more customers and increase sales.

Our job is to develop the right marketing strategy for your business. Not one that follows what everyone else is doing, but one that works for you.

We then focus on effectively managing your marketing budget and overseeing the delivery of your marketing plan – either by working with your existing suppliers (for things like branding design & print and web development) or connecting you with the people who are best able to deliver the many different elements of the marketing mix.

Whatever sector your business is in, we can help you to improve your relationships with your customers and increase your income.

By working with Marketing Mechanics, you will gain access to our experience of developing effective marketing strategies and tactical campaigns for a wide range of businesses.  We always start with our tried and tested marketing strategy and planning service, before continuing to mentor, support and advise our clients on what activities will be most effective in connecting you with your ideal customers.

This including branding & messaging; print, digital & social media; advertising, PR & customer loyalty; events & networking; not to forget, straight-forward ‘good business’ advice that we know leads to increased sales.

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