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Have you missed out?

We had a fantastic turn out to this mornings meeting, with our special guest Mike Duckett of Coaching for Success. He explained the core idea behind the model used by Dr Steve Peters, from his book The Chimp Paradox, which helped the British Cycling team produce their world beating performances. if you would like to attend […]

Effective press releases

A great presentation today from Stephanie Wareham of Bucks Free Press  on to to create – and have published – an effective press release. Making fuller use of PR  is something that many of us could be better. Being a part of CBC is all about finding out about ways in which we can improve […]

Eight great reasons NOT to make a will

People will often put off making a will. With just a hint of irony here are 8 reasons for them to continue not to do anything You like the idea of intestacy You’re perfectly happy to leave someone else to decide who will benefit on your death. You like the inflexibility of the intestacy rules. […]

Making things easy

I must admit that technology doesn’t come easy to me but today’s session at CBC threw a lot of light on the ways of making better use of our website – being able to make contributions from time to time. Our chair – soon to be past chair – did a great job of training. […]