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Who is Watching You?

We all know that technology is everywhere these days, and for businesses digital advances have brought some great opportunities for marketing and promotion to be considered. Facebook advertising is now well-established, but advertising on television along with the big brand names of business is something that most smaller companies would shy away from. However, with TakeOneTV and Sky’s AD Smart facility this is no longer the case.

Making the Best First Impression with the Right Photos

Have you thought about using stock photography? There’s a big range of images out there for generic corporate photography, food photography and other images that help set the mood for what you are trying to communicate with your business. However, this doesn’t come without its risks as you can see in the image below. Now, it’s […]

10 Top Cash Flow Tips for a Successful Business

We’ve all heard the term ‘Cash is King’ and know that without cash a business cannot survive for long. Chiltern Business Connections member Andrew Leggett, Manager at Wilkins Kennedy High Wycombe, shares his top ten tips for keeping a business financially on track with its day to day finances. Have a read and see if […]

A body is slumped over the desk….. what do you do?

We were treated to a fascinating talk by Faisal from FM Training today as he gave the group is a primary survey run through on how to deal with a situation we all hope never happens: we walk into a room, and there is a person slumped on the floor, in their chair or on […]

What is business networking about?

“For some it’s ‘the old boys’ network’ – the kind of thing that’s worked in the City of London – and other places – for years. As the old saying goes – ‘it’s all about who you know rather than what you know’. Networking can mean different things to different people. Paul Beck, an estate […]

Moving on

Can you believe it, time flies when the networking is so good.  However, it’s been a whole year and the time has come for me to step down and make room for our new Chair, Paul Cartwright from Halo Windows. I am sure I am not the only one who is thankful that Paul has […]

Client Testimonials Give Everyone A Smile

We all like to hear good news. It’s even better to hear good news from someone we know. And better still to receive that good news because of work we have done with them or for them. As Thomas the Tank Engine would say – ‘we beam from buffer to buffer.’ OK maybe that’s a […]

Visitor Day 14th May 2019

Would you like to grow your business locally? Are potential clients finding you on line, but then not engaging with you? Would you like to know how you can improve your chances of attracting more clients on line? Well, come along to our Visitor Day on 14th May to hear our creative team talk about […]