The Bowen Technique by Genovieve Feasey for pain relief, peace of mind and relaxation

On Tuesday 15th October Genovieve Feasey presented to us on the power of the Bowen technique!

Did you know… 600,000 signals travel from the brain to the body every second!?

As Genovieve had clearly invested a lot of time in preparing the powerpoint presentation, we decided to upload it to Slideshare and embed it all, for you to view at your own leisure.

Slides include;

  • Introduction to the Bowen Technique Therapy
  • Your mind and mental state can have a profound affect
  • My first experience of Bowen
  • How does it work
  • Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)
  • A typical session format
  • Stress is the biggest contributor to ill health

If you feel stressed or have any form of ill health at present, why not invest in the unquestionable results of the Bowen Technique performed by Genovieve Feasey. Think of it as a human body MOT with relief of pain, peace of mind and relaxation!

Genovieve Feasey, CBC Networking High WycombePlease contact Genovieve via e-mail on or telephone on 01494 883815.

You can also find out more about therapist Genovieve of High Wycombe at her website

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