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On Tuesday 22nd October Simon Eggleton gave us all an insightful presentation of his work with Jumpstart, the UK’s leading R&D Tax Credit specialists.

1. Why do we get R&D Tax Credits?

  • Research and Development linked to GDP.
  • Governments recognise the need to incentivise companies to undertake R&D.
  • Introduced into the UK in 2000.
  • Started in Canada in 1986.
  • Is in 42 countries around the world.
  • Recently extended to make SME scheme more generous.

2. What is HMRC’s R&D Tax Credit Scheme?

  • SME scheme
  • <100m Euros and <500 employees.
  • 75%, 100% & 125% enhancement in eligible expenditure.
  • Can claim for two prior years.
  • Large company scheme
  • >100m Euros or >500 employees.
  • 30% enhancement in eligible expenditure.
  • Can claim for two prior years.

3. How does it work for a SME?
R & D Tax Credits Example

4. What sorts of projects are eligible?
What sorts of projects are eligible for R&D Tax Credits

The chart above indicates how HMRC determines whether a project is routine and therefore not eligible – or advancing science or technology and therefore likely to be eligible.

5. The Jumpstart track record. 

  • Have completed thousands of claims.
  • Largest single applicant in the UK.
  • Have a 98.6% record.
  • Employ technical staff usually PhD.
  • Work with every size of company from 10 employees to 6000.
  • Achieve an average of 3.9 times what a purely financial submission will achieve.
  • Simon Eggleton, CBC Networking High WycombeCollaborative approach with HMRC

If you would like to find out more, please contact Simon via e-mail on or telephone on 01753 481659.

You can also find out more about Jumpstart by clicking on the links below:

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  1. Paul Beck says:

    Simon laid out so clearly what seems to be a great opportunity for companies to generate some extra benefit from their R&D activity.
    This is the kind of thing that UK Ltd needs!

  2. Luke Foulkes says:

    Too true Paul.

    It struck a chord with me when Simon, mentioned he had worked with a number of web and software development companies and that, as we all automatically think… “Research and Development isn’t just people walking around with teat pipettes in white coats!”

    I would urge anyone at the forefront of their industry to take advantage of a free consultation with Simon… It could REALLY help your profitability!

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