A good start to the day

Today we had a meeting with some great contributions. People entered into the spirit of the themed talks on ‘why they enjoyed their work’ with a lot of members saying how they didn’t like but loved their work!

We’ve agreed to some shared activity to help maintain our website in good order – up to date with interesting content…………… .

Watch this space!

IT Member Update

Looking forward to welcoming Luke Hargreaves from Cloud Smart Solutions at next week’s CBC.

Making more of the CBC website

It looks like we will be making some progress on bringing our website up to date and keeping it that way.
It looks as though it’ll require some joint effort…….

I was one of the few that couldn’t go as I was on an extra long weekend break with my wife (some priorities have to trump others)
From the conversation at this morning’s meeting I missed a treat.
That said, with all those that went being so enthused with any luck I’ll pick up on a lot of what was covered – albeit second hand.

CBC enthused by Brad Sugars – ActionCOACH

Thanks to the organisation skills of Martin Shimmen (ActionCOACH) and a little assistance from Chairman, Paul Wakefield (BLR Financial) the CBC Networking team embarked on a London trip last week to see Brad Sugars, the founder of ActionCOACH, the business coaching franchise.

The guy was electric and CBC members were quick to point out that 3 hours bolt upright on a church-pew had never been so tolerable.

We started the evening with a coach journey from High Wycombe Holiday Inn to Pizza Express around the corner from the Emmanuel Centre where Brad and his team where preparing.

The pizza’s piled up (though Paul Cartwright – Halo windows, opted for a salad!?) beers and wine flowed and everyone enjoyed themselves. Especially when Genovieve Feasey (The Choice To Change) elaborated on her new tea exporting venture!

CBC networking group do Pizza Express for 14

Then we hit the venue for our enlightening seminar from Brad. ‘Buying Customers‘ was the title of his presentation and a lot of ideas, strategies and handy tips were scribbled frantically by Nick Knapp (NK Financial Management) and Martin Wyvill (Springwater Print Solutions) to name a few!

A thoroughly entertaining evening in my books although a little costly for the back-hander that I had to give Brad for emphasising the essential requirement for…

“Websites, Websites, Websites!

Communication Through Design

Jason Chapman - CBC Networking, High WycombeWe offer a range of design services across both print and new media, and appreciate that each job is unique. We therefore employ an individual strategy throughout the lifetime of each project. Careful evaluation, planning and execution enable us to produce and deliver a successful outcome. We pride ourselves in our ability to achieve creativity within both a set deadline and a set budget. View our website.

Or view our portfolio below:

Example Animation: Search Engine Optimisation ‘SEO is like Fishing’

Marketing, Its all about ‘Storytelling’ by PSA Creative

This morning we had a presentation by Phillip Sheahan of PSA Creative on how Marketing is all about storytelling.

The photo shows a few things including how Phillip can grip his audience, how Martin Sheehy likes his orange juice and how lovely the breakfast table looks with flowers on it and sun streaming through the window!Marketing. Its all about 'Storytelling' by PSA Creative



Rare Design Logos

Jason Chapman - CBC Networking, High Wycombe

Identity Creation
Sending the right message to your audience is important. The right name and logo only do part of the job. You’ll need brand guidelines and a set of rules. All this will ensure your brilliantly designed logo will be presented consistently and professionally to the outside world. And that what you’re saying, and how you say it, all joins up. We love this part of the business, so you can be sure your organisation will stand out for all the right reasons. Check out some logo’s we’ve created: http://www.raredesign.co.uk/gallery/logo-brand

Dave Bowen’s Smart Home & Audio Visual Presentation

Dave Bowen, CBC Networking, High WycombeI think I woke everyone up this morning with some music & video before breakfast 🙂

I hope that you enjoyed it.

It was great to see the two young men from Wycombe Grammar School. They gave a great presentation on how they have started a business from scratch selling personalised phone & tablet cases. Good luck in the competition Guys & I’m sure you will do well in the future.

Do you take your security as seriously as we do?

Dave Bowen, CBC Networking High WycombeHi. I’m David Bowen, Sales Director at The Matters Property Services Group

We understand the challenges faced when it comes to security as we’ve helped many other local business’s to improve their security & safety at work

It’s for this reason that we offer completely free, no obligation surveys and risk assessments to local business owners.

This will cover your intruder alarms, fire detection & prevention, access control, visitor entry & CCTV systems.

Please contact me on 01494 73 80 80 or email dave.bowen@mattersgroup.co.uk to discuss any requirements that you may have.

You will also be able to find out more about our range of services on our website mattersgroup.co.uk

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