How Our Childhood Imprints And Affects Our Current Relationships

Have you ever wondered…How Our Childhood Imprints And Affects Our Current  Relationships? New discoveries about the brain provides a new basis for understanding the power of behavioural change therapies (Genovieve Feasey  BACP Registered, Trauma and Relationship Psychotherapist). I work with the concept that Childhood ‘trauma’ or ‘conflict’ can leave an individual with unresolved issue’s as a grown adult. If when a child experiences a difficulty in certain life cycles ‘Developmental Growth Periods/Years’ these will play themselves out in our further years and the way we ‘Relate’ to others in life – the unresolved issue’s(wounds) are usually healed by the people we are attracted to in our lives.

If someone you are relating too, triggers a ‘wound’ and you feel hurtful, or you react to it; this may commonly be a reaction to a deep seated emotion/feeling, looking to be ‘fixed’ from a certain stage of your ‘Developmental Growth Period/ Early Years’.

There is in all of us an innate striving for wholeness and completion that requires the selection of people that have the greatest potential for the healing of any childhood wounds and the fulfilling of any childhood needs. To accomplish this , each person needs to be connected with someone who activates one’s needs at the deepest level and who is similar enough to the wound ‘Caregivers/Parents’ to make healing possible.

Genovieve Feasey CBC Networking High Wycombe

Have a look through my website for how I can help with my Therapy Processes such as EMDR or Relationship Therapy.

The reasons why people need to make a will

On Tuesday 12th November, Paul Beck explained that he helps people with advice on putting into place key documents – Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Society of Will Writers Member - Paul Beck, CBC High WycombeHis approach is personal involving visits to people in their own home or office to talk through their circumstances and understand what their objectives are for dealing with the worst of situations.

Paul took the meeting through the reasons why people need to make a will in particular.

  • With no will someone who dies is said to have died ‘intestate’. This ‘Intestacy’ can be complicated and divisive. The ‘law of intestacy’ applies – often not what would have been wanted. Importantly there is no automatic right of inheritance for partners – they have to take court action to claim anything from the estate..
  • When couples are married or in civil partnerships, under intestacy, the surviving spouse/civil partner receives a set amount – the balance shared with children/parents. This can lead to real difficulties – especially when young children are involved.
  • A will enables parents to specify who should be the guardians of any young children. With no will it can take longer and cost more to administer an estate, bringing additional costs and anxiety at an already difficult time..
  • With no will all the tax efficiencies that might be gained through proper ‘estate planning’ are lost.
  • A will provides certainty at a difficult time. It ensures that assets go where it is intended that they should.
  • Parents can use their wills to nominate guardians for minor children and put in place arrangements for them to be made financially secure with trustees appointed to look after the assets passing to them.
  • With a well-considered will tax allowances/exemptions can be utilised to good effect.
  • The costs involved in putting wills in place are not particularly high with fairly straightforward wills for a couple costing less than £300.

Paul explained how people might consider putting their wills into secure storage. An arrangement can be put in place to store wills with just a modest one-off payment.

Paul Beck, CBC Networking High WycombePaul emphasised the importance of using properly qualified advice when putting these documents into place. He is a member of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) holding their Advanced Certificate of Will Preparation and is also a member of the SWW (Society of Will Writers) meeting all of their code of Practice requirements.

Contact Paul via e-mail on or telephone on 01628 634294.

A kind testimonial on how CBC Networking, High Wycombe really works!

Genovieve Feasey, CBC Networking High WycombeHi I’m Genovieve Feasey “” Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist. I’ve been with the CBC group just over 6 months! If your reading these Testimonials and contemplating visiting and joining a Networking Event? Well STOP a little, here’s what I can tell you… from personal experience it’s a serious, professionally run Breakfast Meeting with Businesses ranging from Solicitors, Accountants, Printers, Office Suppliers and Therapists. We are varied professionals serious about the concept in relating with each other to expand our expertise and services within the community.
I have certainly become fond of the members and in doing so they and I feel more comfortable in sharing and referring links and contacts. If… and only If! You are of like mind and are willing to commit to your business and use this model to increase relationships, share knowledge, create opportunities, raise your profile and build business confidence and respect come along and meet us!
I certainly will be very pleased to meet you! 🙂

Calling all owners of innovative UK business

On Tuesday 22nd October Simon Eggleton gave us all an insightful presentation of his work with Jumpstart, the UK’s leading R&D Tax Credit specialists.

1. Why do we get R&D Tax Credits?

  • Research and Development linked to GDP.
  • Governments recognise the need to incentivise companies to undertake R&D.
  • Introduced into the UK in 2000.
  • Started in Canada in 1986.
  • Is in 42 countries around the world.
  • Recently extended to make SME scheme more generous.

2. What is HMRC’s R&D Tax Credit Scheme?

  • SME scheme
  • <100m Euros and <500 employees.
  • 75%, 100% & 125% enhancement in eligible expenditure.
  • Can claim for two prior years.
  • Large company scheme
  • >100m Euros or >500 employees.
  • 30% enhancement in eligible expenditure.
  • Can claim for two prior years.

3. How does it work for a SME?
R & D Tax Credits Example

4. What sorts of projects are eligible?
What sorts of projects are eligible for R&D Tax Credits

The chart above indicates how HMRC determines whether a project is routine and therefore not eligible – or advancing science or technology and therefore likely to be eligible.

5. The Jumpstart track record. 

  • Have completed thousands of claims.
  • Largest single applicant in the UK.
  • Have a 98.6% record.
  • Employ technical staff usually PhD.
  • Work with every size of company from 10 employees to 6000.
  • Achieve an average of 3.9 times what a purely financial submission will achieve.
  • Simon Eggleton, CBC Networking High WycombeCollaborative approach with HMRC

If you would like to find out more, please contact Simon via e-mail on or telephone on 01753 481659.

You can also find out more about Jumpstart by clicking on the links below:

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The Bowen Technique by Genovieve Feasey for pain relief, peace of mind and relaxation

On Tuesday 15th October Genovieve Feasey presented to us on the power of the Bowen technique!

Did you know… 600,000 signals travel from the brain to the body every second!?

As Genovieve had clearly invested a lot of time in preparing the powerpoint presentation, we decided to upload it to Slideshare and embed it all, for you to view at your own leisure.

Slides include;

  • Introduction to the Bowen Technique Therapy
  • Your mind and mental state can have a profound affect
  • My first experience of Bowen
  • How does it work
  • Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)
  • A typical session format
  • Stress is the biggest contributor to ill health

If you feel stressed or have any form of ill health at present, why not invest in the unquestionable results of the Bowen Technique performed by Genovieve Feasey. Think of it as a human body MOT with relief of pain, peace of mind and relaxation!

Genovieve Feasey, CBC Networking High WycombePlease contact Genovieve via e-mail on or telephone on 01494 883815.

You can also find out more about therapist Genovieve of High Wycombe at her website

6 Crucial things small businesses often get wrong

On Tuesday 17th September, the CBC Networking Group Chairman, Martin Sheehy gave us all a helpful presentation that years in the business of Accounting has enabled him to glean.

6 Important ‘slip ups’ that small businesses make based on his experience.

The Fish Partnership - Chartered Accountants, High Wycombe

Martin spoke about Vision, Cashflow, Customers, Marketing, Staff & Relaxation. Read the full and interesting presentation in it entirety below;

1. Vision (applies not just to new businesses) 
Vision for Businesses in High WycombeBelieve in your business and take it seriously No two businesses are the same, there is no one formula for success.

Have a plan – but don’t stick to it – it will help you set your goals Be prepared to take risks, to fail and learn from your experiences.

Set your own standards and stick to them, have a desire to succeed Be prepared for hard work and attention to detail. Take responsibility – be optimistic! 

Be able to, or learn how to, communicate Build good relationships with staff, customers, suppliers, your bank and other stakeholders .

Do what you enjoy but don’t just do what you want to do.

2. Cash flow
Cash Flow for Businesses High WycombeCashflow management is vital for any business

Record keeping – most small businesses have no idea how they are doing.

Concentrate on debtors / creditors / bank balance,
Take care not to overtrade, take time to re-plan,
Secure the best deal for your business.

Most SMEs require external funding, put your case for funding with a clear robust business plan.

Set a budget and have the discipline to follow it.
Keep basic records, Excel or use software package, such as Sage/QuickBooks.

3. Customers / Sector
Know Your High Wycombe CustomersKnow and understand your market – make sure people will want what you’re selling and it fulfils a need.

Understand how things are done in your business.

Diversify – think how to add new revenue streams and engage your team with this.
A big well known customer can look good but can be a risk if you were to lose that customer.

Don’t let one customer be your biggest source of income – plan what would happen if you were to lose the customer.

Review the sector you are in – review the geographical location in which you operate
Watch the competition – see what are they doing and act upon it.

4. Marketing
Business Marketing in High WycombeIdentify your market,

Understand your market and your customers.

Understand how your products or services can help your customers then communicate this to them.
Build an effective sales process and continuously review to improve.

Do your marketing when you are busy not when you are quiet,
Be prepared to network.

5. Staff
The Key to Happy Staff for Business in High WycombeAs your business grows, you cannot do everything yourself.

Any business needs well motivated, high performing staff. Give staff goals, let them achieve their ambitions.

Put your employees first, listen to and value their opinions– it will help you reach your goals.

Involve your team in planning and implementing strategy,
Have fair and clear HR policies,
Give access to great training.

Say thank you.

6. Relax
Relax as a Business Owner in High WycombeTake time off and recharge your batteries!





If you want to speak with Martin ( or any of his team at The Fish Partnership Accountants then do not hesitate to get in touch! It is clear that his experience in working with businesses of all sizes can only work in your favour as a client of his and there are a good few members of the CBC High Wycombe networking group that can vouch for this!

Martin Sheehy CBC Networking High Wycombe


Backing up your Business

On Tuesday 6th August Simon Fossel explained that there’s more to backing up your business data than meets the eye, and why it’s vital to any organisation.

Amicitia IT Support Services Marlow

Whilst it’s not that complicated, Simon explained that there are good reasons why an organisation should pay close attention to its backups. He spoke about recovering individual files like emails or other documents, or in extreme circumstances, having to restore everything!

The group briefly handed around the backup props that Simon brought, a USB Hard drive and a Tape Drive while Simon explained about them, online backups and backup software. He covered the costs associated and his expert opinion of the pro’s and con’s.

Business Data Backups @ CBC Networking High Wycombe

Simon concluded that as a business owner, office manager or financial director etc, we should be considering the following;

  • How far back does your backup go?
  • Who is monitoring your backups?
  • Is everything being backed up (laptops / remote users)?
  • When was your backup last tested (test restore)?

Simon Fossel CBC Networking High WycombePlease email Simon if you would like him and Amicitia to demystify your back up situation or indeed just test it for you to make sure it is fully functional. Amicitia provide free backup monitoring for their customers and perform a test restore as part of their scheduled on site system health check.Visit the website for more information.

Enlightened by Bi-fold Doors Expert

On Tuesday 30th July Paul Cartwright spoke about some of the services provided by his company Halo Windows & Doors, based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

halo Windows & Doors, High Wycombe

Paul described how television programmes such as Grand Designs have boosted the market for large glass openings in Homes, in particular bifolding doors. Paul explained the options available to someone replacing an existing patio door, as well as the building work required to create a new opening for a larger door.

A recent Case Study from Halo Bifolding doors experts serving High Wycombe

The presentation included some impressive case studies of work carried by Halo Windows & Doors with stunning images of rooms with 4 -5 metre wide doors, really opening the room into the garden. Paul also displayed a copy of a 27 point check.This sheet is used by Halo’s installers after every installation to ensure each job is carried out to the same high standard.

CBC members are all homeowners and experts in their own business field. Paul explained how their feedback is extremely valuable in terms of Halo Windows & Doors getting the right message to their customers, and explaining options and possibilities in the right way.

Connect with Paul Cartwright on LinkedinPlease email Paul if you would like more information on Bifolding Doors or advice on the possibilities for your home. Or visit his company website

Bringing Value to Our Members

One of the things members value most about the CBC business networking group is the opportunity to have a ‘focus’ session on them and their business.

On Tuesday 23rd July Martin Shimmen explained about his business coaching company – ActionCOACH in south Buckinghamshire. Martin has been running this business for 8 years and coached over 135 diverse businesses to improve and grow their sales and profits.

Martin Shimmen - Action Coach, Business Coach High Wycombe

Martin wanted the group’s help and advice on how he could get his coaching message across to more local businesses, actually listing 12 companies he’d be very keen to meet as they seemed to be at a stage where they could really benefit from a coach and mentor to help them grow effectively.

CBC members have a wide range of experience and contacts so this proved valuable in the feedback given to Martin. Several members knew the prospect business owners he listed and passed on details, some even offered to contact them direct and introduce him. There was also some great ideas offered on how Martin could communicate his business coaching value to other business owners who would benefit from his unique approach to helping businesses grow and prosper.

Connect with Martin Shimmen on LinkedinPlease drop Martin an email if you’d like a free business coaching session for you and your company and see his website at

Our Charity 2012

Our supported charity 2012





Throughout 2011/2012 CBC Networking High Wycombe supported the work Iain Rennie Grove House – a charity that helps people with a life-limiting illness to be cared for 24.7 at home, surrounded by the people they love. Launched in 1985, Iain Rennie has offered care and support to more than 10,000 patients.

To care for around 2,00 patients and their families annually, the charity must raise over £6.5 million each year to provide the quality of care their high standards demand. Chiltern Business Connections are proud to have been an enthusiastic sponsor and supporter.

For more details of their work see

Chiltern Business Connections sponsored…

Chiltern 3 Peaks Challenge 
Sunday 16th September 2012

‘Walk the Chalk’ 
5, 9 or 18 mile sponsored walk along the Ridgeway