A kind testimonial on how CBC Networking, High Wycombe really works!

Genovieve Feasey, CBC Networking High WycombeHi I’m Genovieve Feasey “thechoicetochange.com” Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist. I’ve been with the CBC group just over 6 months! If your reading these Testimonials and contemplating visiting and joining a Networking Event? Well STOP a little, here’s what I can tell you… from personal experience it’s a serious, professionally run Breakfast Meeting with Businesses ranging from Solicitors, Accountants, Printers, Office Suppliers and Therapists. We are varied professionals serious about the concept in relating with each other to expand our expertise and services within the community.
I have certainly become fond of the members and in doing so they and I feel more comfortable in sharing and referring links and contacts. If… and only If! You are of like mind and are willing to commit to your business and use this model to increase relationships, share knowledge, create opportunities, raise your profile and build business confidence and respect come along and meet us!
I certainly will be very pleased to meet you! 🙂