Do You Hide Depression?

Do you or not, hide depression? Sometimes we are the last people to notice that our own behaviours or moods have changed or that there is lots going on in our lives.  Stressful situations or big life events can take a while to catch up; we might not even notice that things are maybe not fine or that we are feeling differently. Take a look at this presentation on reasons for hiding depression.

[slideshare id=55215774&doc=depressionpowerpoint-copy-151117170138-lva1-app6892] When someone asks us if we are okay we might feel the easiest thing to do is to say “i’m fine” because there might be a can of worms lurking that you don’t want to open, never mind acknowledge. When things happen or we feel like we can’t cope it’s almost built into us to keep on going and avoid what we see as ‘failure’  to cope, failure to be strong, failure to pull up our socks.# See the thing is… acknowledging that things are not fine; is not admitting that you are a ‘failure’.  Ask yourself this? Does hiding from problems or feelings make them disappear or go away? See my point!  I’m Genovieve Feasey MBACP Registered Accredited Psychotherapist, EMDR Practitioner Conflict, Crisis and Trauma – Relationship Advice. In High Wycombe and Medway, Kent.

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