How Our Childhood Imprints And Affects Our Current Relationships

Have you ever wondered…How Our Childhood Imprints And Affects Our Current  Relationships? New discoveries about the brain provides a new basis for understanding the power of behavioural change therapies (Genovieve Feasey  BACP Registered, Trauma and Relationship Psychotherapist). I work with the concept that Childhood ‘trauma’ or ‘conflict’ can leave an individual with unresolved issue’s as a grown adult. If when a child experiences a difficulty in certain life cycles ‘Developmental Growth Periods/Years’ these will play themselves out in our further years and the way we ‘Relate’ to others in life – the unresolved issue’s(wounds) are usually healed by the people we are attracted to in our lives.

If someone you are relating too, triggers a ‘wound’ and you feel hurtful, or you react to it; this may commonly be a reaction to a deep seated emotion/feeling, looking to be ‘fixed’ from a certain stage of your ‘Developmental Growth Period/ Early Years’.

There is in all of us an innate striving for wholeness and completion that requires the selection of people that have the greatest potential for the healing of any childhood wounds and the fulfilling of any childhood needs. To accomplish this , each person needs to be connected with someone who activates one’s needs at the deepest level and who is similar enough to the wound ‘Caregivers/Parents’ to make healing possible.

Genovieve Feasey CBC Networking High Wycombe

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