How Smart is your Home?

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I handed over a full custom home installation to a Client this morning who has just built a new house, which is to be his family home & thought I would share some of the benefits he now enjoys.

After a couple of initial meetings I was able to identify his immediate requirements & also his future ones. Using that I designed a full mechanical & electrical scheme which gave him the infrastructure to cope with the ever increasing demands of technology, whilst balancing against the budget he had in place for this.

We centralised his home entertainment, which now gives him access to any of his 3 SKY+ boxes, Blu-ray player, Apple TV & Media Server from any of the 8 screens in the home. These screens are all cleanly wall mounted with no associated hardware as it is all tucked away centrally.

The same system also carries the distributed audio entertainment for the home providing an almost limitless library from a media server, internet radio and streaming via Spotify, Deezer & Napster. There are 9 independent audio zones with discreet recessed speakers & even an external waterproof pair on the pool decking.

A robust & high speed data network was installed allowing uninterrupted streaming, on-line game play and, of course the all important home office requirements.

Lighting, heating & comfort cooling are taken care of with a smart control system which provides an almost infinite amount of configurations, yet using scenario programming, operation is as simple as a light touch on a stylish wall plate, tablet or phone.

To protect his investment we installed external boundary sensors, gates with power operation, visitor entry, high resolution CCTV integrated to an intruder / personal attack alarm system. A full, yet discreet fire detection system was also installed. As well as full control and push alerts to smart devices this is also connected via 2 independent transmission paths to our Alarm Receiving & Control Centre, providing an immediate Police & Fire Brigade Response if necessary.

Just as I was leaving I heard him on the phone to one of his friends inviting him round to show off his new toys. Hopefully they will like it and be in touch.

Dave Bowen, CBC Networking, High Wycombe

So on that basis, if you or someone you know is considering a new build or refurbishment, please do get in touch. We offer a cohesive design, installation & after sales service saving you time, money & heartache. I am always happy to have a discussion whether it’s on a grand scale like this one or more conservative scheme.

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