Come and Join Us

Chiltern Business Connections meets every Tuesday morning at 7.15am at Wycombe Heights, Loudwater. It gives members an opportunity to refer leads to one and other, share business knowledge and expertise, expand their networks and gain new and repeat business through trust and familiarity.

Our businesses have seen measurable success through their membership and all for the price of a full English breakfast once a week, which can’t be bad! You can view the schedule for our Tuesday morning meetings.Networking Bill

There are also excellent online benefits for being a member of the breakfast club with a FREE business listing as well as posts specifically tailored to your business presentations. For new and established businesses this will contribute towards a prominent position on a variety of search engines, giving your business valuable exposure.

If you would like to visit CBC as a guest, please contact us here. Developing relationships with other businesses takes time; meeting them just once does not automatically inspire trust. The ideal scenario would be to meet regularly in an informal, yet professional forum, which allows businesses to get to know each other and discuss issues without pressure. Regular personal contact provides higher quality relationships, which are mutually beneficial and naturally lead to companies trading with each other. All businesses should make business networking an integral part of their business marketing strategy and at CBC there is a wealth of opportunity for business to business networking.

Many of us are aware of the power of networking and a number of breakfast clubs exist to facilitate this approach. However, some of these organisations are stressful, unfriendly and ultimately create profits for those who set them up and they may not even be members of the group. Chiltern Business Connections really is different!

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