Making wills – it’s never too soon……………

Paul Beck made a presentation on May 5th sharing with the group his experiences as a will writer.

People put off making wills for all sorts of reasons. As Paul reminded the group – bad things can and do happen and to leave the people we care for the most ‘in the lurch’ just because we don’t care enough to put a will into place is a major failing.

People don’t know what they don’t know. In particular they don’t realise how bad things can be when there’s no will – and the worst happens.

Partners are particularly exposed having no automatic right of inheritance – so partners can find themsleves in court contesting with other family members to obtain a settlement. When children are involved this can be an emotional and financial mess of major proportions leaving scars that last. Who would want to leave that as their legacy?

Paul explained how easy the process can be – as reported by the many clients of his who had posted on the Trading Standards website their comments:

Paul ended his presentation with the much quoted ‘ It’s never too soon to make a will….it can sometimes be too late…..’


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