Joining Chiltern Business Connections

Doing business over breakfast combines all the essentials to kick start your day and shape your working week. To join, please complete the form below.

The Meetings

(Tuesday mornings)

07:30 – Arrival, Tea, Coffee, Breakfast and Open Networking
08:00 – Move to meeting room
08:05 – Welcome and Introductions
08:10 – 45 Seconds Pitch
08:20 – Education Slot
08:40 – 3-2-1 Groups
08:50 – Testimonials/Referrals/AOB
09:00 – Session ends

The Criteria

One person from each trade or profession may join, although a member offering the same product or service may consent to additional members.

Members must work full-time for the represented business.

The Fees

Free for your first meeting.

A one off membership fee of £30.00 and a standing order of £30.00 per month to cover the cost of breakfast, is all Chiltern Business Connections costs.