Moving on

Can you believe it, time flies when the networking is so good.  However, it’s been a whole year and the time has come for me to step down and make room for our new Chair, Paul Cartwright from Halo Windows. I am sure I am not the only one who is thankful that Paul has agreed to take on the post; in fact, I am sure I speak for all the members when I say his input and commitment are appreciated.  (Thanks to Nick Bright for the lovely photo below!)

When I took over the Chair’s role last June, I said that with Jay Blake as my Deputy, I would be holding the post for six months, that somehow became 12, but that was kind of expected to happen.  We all know in networking groups that 6 months is a very short time indeed.

However, we set out, with the group’s agreement, to make a positive difference, and in particular to grow the membership. Hence our increased number of visitor days and speaker events, which were all well attended. We had some excellent speakers, including:

Mike Duckett of Coaching for Success with his ‘Chimp Paradox’ review, Andrew McBarnett’s ’50 Ways to Increase Your Sales Today’ talk, as well as member contributions from the Fish Partnership on Making Tax Digital, BLR Financial Solutions on the Housing Market, and lastly the creative trio of the group, Matt Hulbert from Creative Jam, Nick Bright from PhotosbyBright and myself, Karen Pawlowska from TakeOneTV for a joint collaboration on ‘How to make the right first impression….’

We must have done something right because the year the result has been 5 new members, including Bucks College Group who applied to join straight after the last visitor day. Plus we have 3 other seriously interested potential new members from that same meeting, and one very disappointed visitor who said:

“Everything about the meeting was fabulous, I am so glad I came. I left brimming with lots of energy and inspiration, as well as many valuable leads.

If I’m honest, it’s the best networking group I have visited and I would sign up in a heartbeat if I could.

So all in all, things are moving forward at Chiltern Business Connections and hopefully with a fuller table we will now also see increased business opportunities for members all round.  Afterall, that’s why we’re there.

Paul Beck from ALS has set up a good system for keeping in touch with visitors, which will help us to be more efficient at bringing them in as visitors, subs and members going forward.

Nick Bright’s photographs on social media, together with Faisal Mahmood of FM Training’s activity on Facebook, digital plugs from Julian Richings at Local IQ and ourselves at TakeOneTV also seem to be raising the group’s profile.

There are going to be some changes under the new Chair, which include a regular business education or development slot, group deep dive networking and other variations that will be a boost to the coming year and provide good ROI for members.

So that’s it for now, I shall enjoy being on the other side of the table for a change, and once again, thanks Paul for taking over the reins, exciting and interesting times ahead!

If anyone wants to come along to find out why we all love Chiltern Business Connections just get in touch via the website for details. We’re particularly looking for a solicitor who does criminal law, employment law or conveyancing; an architect; a PR specialist; a carpenter, a plumber and a motor mechanic.

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