Real flexibility

Something that really appeals to me about CBC is just how ‘flexible’ the membership seems to be.

By ‘flexible’ I mean that the sorts of services on offer from members can work for businesses of all sizes – from one-person ‘start-ups’ to fully fledged well-developed organisations.

One would think that Simon Eggleton’s presentation at our last meeting on tax credits being available on research and development costs would be all about big companies and how the system works for them. Far from it. This is a tax break that’s available to businesses of all sizes – as Simon made very clear.

With members who can provide all sorts of services from graphic design and website development to accounting and from stationary supplies to advice on business strategy – with lots more besides  – it’s easy to see the advantages in coming along to CBC to find out more about what we do..

We welcome along any individual who take an interest in business and who want to  become – in some way or another – better at what they do – or better connected to help them achieve their objectives.

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