The reasons why people need to make a will

On Tuesday 12th November, Paul Beck explained that he helps people with advice on putting into place key documents – Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney.

Society of Will Writers Member - Paul Beck, CBC High WycombeHis approach is personal involving visits to people in their own home or office to talk through their circumstances and understand what their objectives are for dealing with the worst of situations.

Paul took the meeting through the reasons why people need to make a will in particular.

  • With no will someone who dies is said to have died ‘intestate’. This ‘Intestacy’ can be complicated and divisive. The ‘law of intestacy’ applies – often not what would have been wanted. Importantly there is no automatic right of inheritance for partners – they have to take court action to claim anything from the estate..
  • When couples are married or in civil partnerships, under intestacy, the surviving spouse/civil partner receives a set amount – the balance shared with children/parents. This can lead to real difficulties – especially when young children are involved.
  • A will enables parents to specify who should be the guardians of any young children. With no will it can take longer and cost more to administer an estate, bringing additional costs and anxiety at an already difficult time..
  • With no will all the tax efficiencies that might be gained through proper ‘estate planning’ are lost.
  • A will provides certainty at a difficult time. It ensures that assets go where it is intended that they should.
  • Parents can use their wills to nominate guardians for minor children and put in place arrangements for them to be made financially secure with trustees appointed to look after the assets passing to them.
  • With a well-considered will tax allowances/exemptions can be utilised to good effect.
  • The costs involved in putting wills in place are not particularly high with fairly straightforward wills for a couple costing less than £300.

Paul explained how people might consider putting their wills into secure storage. An arrangement can be put in place to store wills with just a modest one-off payment.

Paul Beck, CBC Networking High WycombePaul emphasised the importance of using properly qualified advice when putting these documents into place. He is a member of STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) holding their Advanced Certificate of Will Preparation and is also a member of the SWW (Society of Will Writers) meeting all of their code of Practice requirements.

Contact Paul via e-mail on or telephone on 01628 634294.

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  1. Nick Knapp says:

    A real presentation Paul which brought home the importance of having a will

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