Backing up your Business

On Tuesday 6th August Simon Fossel explained that there’s more to backing up your business data than meets the eye, and why it’s vital to any organisation.

Amicitia IT Support Services Marlow

Whilst it’s not that complicated, Simon explained that there are good reasons why an organisation should pay close attention to its backups. He spoke about recovering individual files like emails or other documents, or in extreme circumstances, having to restore everything!

The group briefly handed around the backup props that Simon brought, a USB Hard drive and a Tape Drive while Simon explained about them, online backups and backup software. He covered the costs associated and his expert opinion of the pro’s and con’s.

Business Data Backups @ CBC Networking High Wycombe

Simon concluded that as a business owner, office manager or financial director etc, we should be considering the following;

  • How far back does your backup go?
  • Who is monitoring your backups?
  • Is everything being backed up (laptops / remote users)?
  • When was your backup last tested (test restore)?

Simon Fossel CBC Networking High WycombePlease email Simon if you would like him and Amicitia to demystify your back up situation or indeed just test it for you to make sure it is fully functional. Amicitia provide free backup monitoring for their customers and perform a test restore as part of their scheduled on site system health check.Visit the website for more information.

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4 replies
  1. Luke Foulkes says:

    I think you made a very good point about the testing of business data backups Simon. I am sure many business owners just assume everything will be OK if they ever need to restore something but as someone might say… Its never too early to check your backup but it can sometimes be too late!

  2. Paul Beck says:

    While we all like to hope for the best – there’s a lot to be said for planning for the worst!
    Most businesses – including mine – would be devastated if they lost all that valuable customer information stored on our computers.

  3. Dave says:

    Good point Guys
    I guess it’s never too soon to make a backup – but it could be too late 🙂

  4. Paul Beck says:

    People will always put off doing things that they know they should – there are many reasons why.
    Sometimes they’re embarasssed to admit that they haven’t got around to it….
    Sometimes they don’t want to face up to ‘reality’ – the prospect of something bad happening.
    One of our members , Martin Shimmen, uses a great phrase along the lines of ‘always eat the ugliest frog first.’
    It’s always better to face up to things and get the worst jobs out of the way first. Otherwise they hang over you and adversely affect all the other things you need to do.

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