Join us for the CBC Visitors Day!

It’s your chance to meet local businesses, make meaningful connections and learn.

Want to build relationships with local business professionals?

Want to do business with people you trust and respect?

Want to develop your business skills?

Chiltern Business Connections offers a new and dynamic networking opportunity.

It’s £10 to attend on the day, please have cash with you, we can provide a receipt as this is a business expense. This covers the cost of your cooked breakfast, tea and coffee

On this visitors day we’re delighted that Helen Pethybridge from ActionCOACH Chilterns has agreed to share with us a simple way of looking at your business to unlock significantly more profit – and all without requiring a miracle to take place! By joining us for this open networking event, you’ll learn:

  • What are the 5 ways to making much bigger profits
  • How can I easily grow my profits by more than 61%
  • What are some of the 350+ strategies available for improving my profit ?

Helen and her team are based in High Wycombe and work with local businesses across all sectors and industries – supporting them to grow more profits, build stronger teams and save time! She frequently leads seminars and workshops with Bucks Business First and for various local networking and professional groups.

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The Chimp Paradox: Do you sabotage yourself?

Do you find that your emotions sometimes rule your life? Do you sometimes not understand yourself and your reactions to situations? Are you perhaps sabotaging your own happiness and success?

Join us for a special Chiltern Business Connections session next week on Tuesday 6th November to hear about The Chimp Paradox. It’s an incredibly powerful mind management model that can help you become a happy, confident, healthier and more successful person.

Mike Duckett, a coaching psychologist working with individuals and businesses on improving performance, will share his take on Prof Steve Peters book, The Chimp Paradox.

The model explains the struggle that takes place within your mind; then shows how to apply this understanding to every area of your life so you can:

– Recognise how your mind is working
– Understand and manage your emotions and thoughts
– Manage yourself and become the person you would like to be

This isn’t all fluffy mind matters, the model is based on scientific facts and principles, which have been simplified into a workable model for easy use. It promises to be a fascinating talk, with props apparently! If you want to buy the book afterwards it is readily available online through Amazon and eBay as well as Waterstones!

Many thanks to Mike for taking time out of his busy schedule to share his knowledge about how our mind works. If you know anyone who would benefit from the help of a coaching psychologist put them in touch with Mike Duckett at Coaching for Success. for a free introductory session.

Investing in business relationships….or eating breakfast?

Business Networking in High Wycombe over Breakfast

Why would you find yourself presenting to an interested audience straight after a very satisfying fry up? Well it might be that you have joined Chiltern Business Connections, a fine group of people who like to network and, help each other’s clients and customers…..whilst indulging themselves in a hearty breakfast every Tuesday morning at Wycombe Heights Golf Club, High Wycombe.

Having joined this year, my colleague Vanessa and I found ourselves in the spotlight last Tuesday presenting the business we represent – Financial Management, a financial advice practice of 25 years standing and based in Penn. Unbelievably people paid attention, asked questions and occasionally smiled. The shouts of “get off” were barely audible and Vanessa and I walked away thinking what a lovely bunch they are.

Maybe more importantly, as always it showed that there is real value in helping others understand what you do and the essential fundamental of everything….. why you do it? It’s the latter that demonstrates the sincerity of your motives, helps people relate to why you are talking to them (so early in the morning)…. and ultimately builds the trust individuals need to refer one of their customers onto you. The old adage of needing to “know, like and trust” a person before you can confidentially refer them is still true; afterall you put your own reputation on the line when you recommend someone, so you need to be confident they will provide a good service or product as promised. That’s precisely why business networking works so well.

The level of sincerity might of made the breakfast a touch difficult to digest in other circumstances, but thanks to the warm and welcoming platform provided at Chiltern Business Connections we felt comfortable sharing our story and excited to discover that the audience were happy to listen and interested in hearing more. Networking over breakfast……yes, for any business looking to grow, definitely the way to go!

Reasons to Join Our CBC Networking Group High Wycombe Bucks

Hi I’m Genovieve Feasey Local Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, here are reasons to Join Our CBC Networking Group. The good things about CBC networking, is that people are generally there for a similar reason.

Chiltern Business Connections High Wycombe.

Chiltern Business Connections High WycombeCBC Phillip and GenovieveOn the afternoon/ evening of the 28th May 2015 a large group of us attend a business-social trip addressing theory of  ‘Business Models’ we attend an exhibition by the Famous and Prestigious Company Patek Philippe, Geneva’s oldest independent family-owned watch manufacturer .  Networking is perhaps one of the most misinterpreted and underrated skills. Some people think it’s just about intermingling and some people consider it’s about getting a chance to get in front of someone they can sell to. We at CBC take Business and Pleasure seriously it’s ‘All about Balance in Life’. Key advice from Genovieve Feasey: “ when I do my Networking and Socialising primarily I remember it’s not about doing business… forget about trying to influence… in its place I discover ways to be of value, discover ways to be a friend and demonstrate how I can be of use to my group. So be ‘in it’ for the right reasons; just ensure these few things are your intention and you will be ahead of the opposition” …so with this in mind, check out below my list of advantages of Networking with CBC: You make new contacts – both one-on-one and as a team You may learn new things very quickly and without research You may find support to take your projects forward You can be empowered and re-energised You get to meet a group of likeminded individuals It will help you focus on what you are looking to achieve You may find Collaborators or Partners – both financially and emotionally for what you are looking to achieve! Done the correct way networking is probably the most central and lucrative skill you can learn. And it doesn’t matter if you do it for the purpose of doing business, getting a job, improve your social / presentation skills, confidence in people skills. It’s simply one of the most effective ways to get what you want.  Why?  Because people like to buy from and do business with people they like, know and trust. Today your networking is more important than ever and the bigger your network grows the more your NET WORTH will grow.