Why is a business networking referral process important?

Some networking groups use slips of paper to note down business connections and referrals to new contacts for members. At CBC it’s certainly not compulsory, however it does make a difference.

The reason it makes a difference is threefold.

Firstly, it helps the person making the referral remember what they have promised to do, and we all know that it’s so easy to simply forget these things when we get back out into our day to day business, so having a slip of paper with the details to hand does help the brain to stay focused.

Secondly, the person who receives the referral knows what to expect and can make preliminary preparations such as researching the contact’s website or social presence to get a feel for their brand. It also means they are prepared for the contact and it’s far more engaging to show recognition and interest when the referee makes contacts, which they usually do fairly soon after the recommendation.

Thirdly, it gives a fairly informal means of the group keeping an eye on how they are doing, a kind of taking the temperature of business in general, and raising concerns if any particular member doesn’t appear to be getting relevant introductions. It’s a great way of learning too; for instance, if one or two members are making a lot of validated, quality referrals, other members can gain inspiration from looking at how they do that, and overall the group can develop and hone their listening and connecting skills to ensure everyone is getting value from their membership.

Value of Business Networking Referral Process

Jay Blake, Take One TV, is an experienced networker; he would say it’s pretty much a part of his life blood and certainly something that he enjoys; nonetheless, it is something that needs effort and dedication to build the trust that ultimately leads to business referrals. Jay finds business networking an inspiring and engaging activity, he treats every meeting as a business meeting and his top tips for a succcessful networking are:

Always check out the venue the day before and ensure you are there on time, or even a little early. Often the most productive part of a meeting is that first free networking session where you can catch up with people, make appointments and sound out on ideas. Secondly, listen as much as you talk, actually listen more than you talk! If you can practice actively listening you’ll find it much easier to connect with people, and thirdly, be there regularly and be patient because it is only through regular and reliable attendance, active listening and the willingness to give before you get, that you’ll build the trust and rapport that leads to quality business referals.

Take One Business Communications

Chiltern Business Communications provides its members with regular opportunities to present to the group about the services they provide to their clients.

Tuesday 22nd May is the next insight talk which will be delivered by Jay Blake, Brand Ambassador for Take One Business Communications sharing how video can be used to maximise your impact online, and tips for getting the most from your video content once it has been created.

Video is used to attract visitors to your website where they can effectively ‘meet’ you and your team, for building trust and demonstrating expertise, or  enabling existing clients to provide client testimonials and case studies. Video can also be a very powerful way of getting your message out on social media and giving you social credibility when people are researching on line.

The presentation will include examples of video created for ourselves and our clients, as well as cost indications to help you understand how video can be included in your marketing strategy in 2018 and of course an opportunity to ask questions!

If you would like to visit Chiltern Business Connections as a visitor next Tuesday, or find out more about the group please get in touch via the website or feel free to contact any of he group members for more information.

CBC enthused by Brad Sugars – ActionCOACH

Thanks to the organisation skills of Martin Shimmen (ActionCOACH) and a little assistance from Chairman, Paul Wakefield (BLR Financial) the CBC Networking team embarked on a London trip last week to see Brad Sugars, the founder of ActionCOACH, the business coaching franchise.

The guy was electric and CBC members were quick to point out that 3 hours bolt upright on a church-pew had never been so tolerable.

We started the evening with a coach journey from High Wycombe Holiday Inn to Pizza Express around the corner from the Emmanuel Centre where Brad and his team where preparing.

The pizza’s piled up (though Paul Cartwright – Halo windows, opted for a salad!?) beers and wine flowed and everyone enjoyed themselves. Especially when Genovieve Feasey (The Choice To Change) elaborated on her new tea exporting venture!

CBC networking group do Pizza Express for 14

Then we hit the venue for our enlightening seminar from Brad. ‘Buying Customers‘ was the title of his presentation and a lot of ideas, strategies and handy tips were scribbled frantically by Nick Knapp (NK Financial Management) and Martin Wyvill (Springwater Print Solutions) to name a few!

A thoroughly entertaining evening in my books although a little costly for the back-hander that I had to give Brad for emphasising the essential requirement for…

“Websites, Websites, Websites!