Join us for the CBC Visitors Day!

It’s your chance to meet local businesses, make meaningful connections and learn.

Want to build relationships with local business professionals?

Want to do business with people you trust and respect?

Want to develop your business skills?

Chiltern Business Connections offers a new and dynamic networking opportunity.

It’s £10 to attend on the day, please have cash with you, we can provide a receipt as this is a business expense. This covers the cost of your cooked breakfast, tea and coffee

On this visitors day we’re delighted that Helen Pethybridge from ActionCOACH Chilterns has agreed to share with us a simple way of looking at your business to unlock significantly more profit – and all without requiring a miracle to take place! By joining us for this open networking event, you’ll learn:

  • What are the 5 ways to making much bigger profits
  • How can I easily grow my profits by more than 61%
  • What are some of the 350+ strategies available for improving my profit ?

Helen and her team are based in High Wycombe and work with local businesses across all sectors and industries – supporting them to grow more profits, build stronger teams and save time! She frequently leads seminars and workshops with Bucks Business First and for various local networking and professional groups.

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The Chimp Paradox: Do you sabotage yourself?

Do you find that your emotions sometimes rule your life? Do you sometimes not understand yourself and your reactions to situations? Are you perhaps sabotaging your own happiness and success?

Join us for a special Chiltern Business Connections session next week on Tuesday 6th November to hear about The Chimp Paradox. It’s an incredibly powerful mind management model that can help you become a happy, confident, healthier and more successful person.

Mike Duckett, a coaching psychologist working with individuals and businesses on improving performance, will share his take on Prof Steve Peters book, The Chimp Paradox.

The model explains the struggle that takes place within your mind; then shows how to apply this understanding to every area of your life so you can:

– Recognise how your mind is working
– Understand and manage your emotions and thoughts
– Manage yourself and become the person you would like to be

This isn’t all fluffy mind matters, the model is based on scientific facts and principles, which have been simplified into a workable model for easy use. It promises to be a fascinating talk, with props apparently! If you want to buy the book afterwards it is readily available online through Amazon and eBay as well as Waterstones!

Many thanks to Mike for taking time out of his busy schedule to share his knowledge about how our mind works. If you know anyone who would benefit from the help of a coaching psychologist put them in touch with Mike Duckett at Coaching for Success. for a free introductory session.

Unlocking LinkedIn Business Networking with Angus Grady

What an great networking meeting this morning; yet more evidence that local business networking is alive and thriving in High Wycombe, particularly with groups such as Chiltern Business Connections where business development is an essential part of the group’s membership ethos.

The group had indicated to current Chairs, Jay Blake and Karen Pawlowska of TakeOneTV that they felt they weren’t getting the most out of LinkedIn these days, and that indeed there were a number of new facilities within the platform that they weren’t sure about how to use, or whether they should use them at all.

The questions they asked included:

Should we invest in the paid for service?
How many times should we update our Profile?
What’s the best way of developing a useful connection?

To help answer the above questions and many more, the group invited LinkedIn expert Angus Grady along to share some of his knowledge with members and guests from the Buckinghamshire area. Angus gave some great pointers applicable to everyone, including a key considerations regarding LinkedIn Profiles:

1. Profile is about who you serve not what you have done, think underwear, change often…and always go for first person, it is personal
2. Think Key words – research what people are looking for and see if you have included those key words in your word cloud and content
3. Carry out a Gap Analysis – what colour sweets do you have by region, if you’re looking for blue sweets then why chase after the red sweets?
4. Add media that is current – including audio clips which are now growing in popularity with over 200 million voice clips being swapped via Whats App every day!
5. Amplify your value and stop broadcasting your achievements – the ethos and culture of what you do is a key attractor

Angus also shared with us the value of downloading your connections from LinkedIn via – something many of us didn’t know we could do and a great way of keeping track of where you are in engagement with contacts.

A lot of this isn’t rocket science. As a business networking group, most CBC members will already appreciate the value of asking open questions, of sharing knowledge and engaging with people face to face – and it was interesting that although the digital world is increasingly important for business growth, Angus also felt that ultimately once we’ve made contact on line we do want to speak too or meet with people to develop a greater understanding of who they are and how they benefit their clients, building trust and empathy – the oxygen of good networking! Face to face communication runs hand in hand with digital communication.

If you’d like to come along to a CBC networking meeting to build relationships with local businesses, develop trust and grow your business with like-minded people, get in touch or sign up via the website as a guest, we’d be delighted to see you. We are particularly keen to meet general solicitors, employment and litigation legal experts, HR consultants and business growth advisers – if that’s you, come and see us!

Props morning highlights CBC business profiles

Adding a bit of variety to networking can bring some interesting results.  CBC members were asked to bring a prop to the networking meeting which would help the rest of the group remember them more easily in the coming week.

Referrals from networking excellent

Paul Beck leaves a sweet flavour with clients.

We were treated to a box of chocolates from Paul Beck of Applied Legal Services who explained that he likes to leave a ‘sweet’ flavour with his clients, after they have completed their Wills and Powers of Attorneys with him.  Jason Chapman of Rare Design showed the group his trusty sketch pad, together with awesome hand drawn illustration, highlighting his love of actually picking up real pens and paints to create fantastic images.  Faisal of FM First Aid Training brought a portable defibrillator and reminded CBC members of the value of ensuring their first aid training was up to date.  Ian Horler of Excel Office Supplies brought one of his original Day Books from way back when he first started in business running – a dairy and milk round, emphasizing how times have indeed changed.  And, Jay Blake from TakeOne TV emphasized the value of a steady shot on video with the use of a tripod, giving a steady message to a potential audience!

Networking provides access to new clients

Jay Blake of Take One TV

Two guests at the networking meeting included the Chair of Wycombe Youth Action who told the group about the growing need for support of vulnerable youngsters in the Wycombe area and the need for collaborative funding sources.   Tony Churchill, founder of OK Our Kids and newest member of CBC, brought the good news that as a newly formed Community Interest Company OK Our Kids would potentially be able to help Wycombe Youth Action going forward, perhaps starting with the OK Our Kids Gala Dinner on 29th September at the Crowne Plaza, Marlow, where the new edition of the Watch Out book will be official made available.

OK Our Kids Gala Dinner Poster networking help needed

Gala event 29th September 2018 for OK Our Kids

So all in all, a grand start to the day with some great local businesses! If you’d like to get in on the action with CBC give us a call or drop us a line. We love to meet new people and are particularly looking for someone in HR, a general solicitor or a bank representative to join the group in the future.

How to develop a Marketing Strategy for your Business

CBC member Tracy Reader of Marketing Mechanics treated the group to an insight into the essentials of developing a marketing strategy for businesses that delivers positives results.

Tracy specialises in delivering high impact marketing communications campaigns, using sharp, consistent messaging and design to increase brand recognition, customer loyalty and sales. With strong written, visual and social skills, she is determined, decisive and has great team spirit.  As a result she has a track record of delivering maximum results from challenging briefs.

Prior to setting up Marketing Mechanics, Tracy worked in two central London PR consultancies, then at the BBC – first as a publicist and then a marketing communications manager. After leaving the BBC, Tracy set up The Publicity Network to help small businesses to cost effectively manage their marketing projects.  Tracy has developed a vast knowledge of print, broadcast and new media communications, devising and delivering many innovative campaigns to reach a diverse range of audiences.

Where marketing is concerned, Tracy knows what to do, how to do it and who to call upon along the way.

Sharing her insider knowledge with the CBC members she talked through a handy acronym for good marketing planning:


M – get your messages clear and consiste

A – Check your activities are co-ordinated and relevant

R -Build relationships, this is where the real benefits begin

K – Keep at it, consistency is key

E – Always evaluate what you’ve done  and check against expectations

T – Think, refine from the results you get, be open to new ideas

Skills and experience

Marketing isn’t rocket science, however it does need to be planned and it does take time, so if you want help to get your business moving forward why not give Tracy a call, or arrange to meet her at CBC with the other group members?  You’ll find it well worth your while, she has helped CBC with their marketing strategy plan so we can give her a first hand recommendation!

Take One Business Communications

Chiltern Business Communications provides its members with regular opportunities to present to the group about the services they provide to their clients.

Tuesday 22nd May is the next insight talk which will be delivered by Jay Blake, Brand Ambassador for Take One Business Communications sharing how video can be used to maximise your impact online, and tips for getting the most from your video content once it has been created.

Video is used to attract visitors to your website where they can effectively ‘meet’ you and your team, for building trust and demonstrating expertise, or  enabling existing clients to provide client testimonials and case studies. Video can also be a very powerful way of getting your message out on social media and giving you social credibility when people are researching on line.

The presentation will include examples of video created for ourselves and our clients, as well as cost indications to help you understand how video can be included in your marketing strategy in 2018 and of course an opportunity to ask questions!

If you would like to visit Chiltern Business Connections as a visitor next Tuesday, or find out more about the group please get in touch via the website or feel free to contact any of he group members for more information.

Genovieve Psychotherapist shares Information About Mind & Body Connection

Genovieve Psychotherapist shares information about mind & body connection. Hey  Guy’s wanted to signpost the link between stress and illness; to the extent to which stress affects our health and is often under-estimated.

There are some broad meanings for the body’s major mechanisms which will give you an overall indication of the psychosomatic reason:

There are some broad meanings for the body’s major mechanisms which will give you an overall indication of the psychosomatic reason:

  • Bones = Resentment
  • Ligaments = Control
  • Muscles = Guilt
  • Nerves = Unbalanced Communication
  • Skin = Unworthy/Inadequate
  • Tendons = Inflexibility
  • What You Think & Feel, Is What Your Body Senses

    What You Think & Feel, Is What Your Body Senses

As you can see, these body parts are related with a general concept that can be applied in more detail to each individual person founded on how they experience life and their distinctive character.

Any disturbance to our mental, emotional or spiritual health creates stress in our energy centres; so the more extreme or pro-longed the stress is, the more likely we are to experience a change in our physiology. Sometimes these changes go ignored until there is a severe dysfunction that causes us pain or distress. Reason for this INFORMATION so we can address the mind and then be in charge of repairing the body!Genovieve