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Unlocking LinkedIn Business Networking with Angus Grady

What an great networking meeting this morning; yet more evidence that local business networking is alive and thriving in High Wycombe, particularly with groups such as Chiltern Business Connections where business development is an essential part of the group’s membership ethos.

The group had indicated to current Chairs, Jay Blake and Karen Pawlowska of TakeOneTV that they felt they weren’t getting the most out of LinkedIn these days, and that indeed there were a number of new facilities within the platform that they weren’t sure about how to use, or whether they should use them at all.

The questions they asked included:

Should we invest in the paid for service?
How many times should we update our Profile?
What’s the best way of developing a useful connection?

To help answer the above questions and many more, the group invited LinkedIn expert Angus Grady along to share some of his knowledge with members and guests from the Buckinghamshire area. Angus gave some great pointers applicable to everyone, including a key considerations regarding LinkedIn Profiles:

1. Profile is about who you serve not what you have done, think underwear, change often…and always go for first person, it is personal
2. Think Key words – research what people are looking for and see if you have included those key words in your word cloud and content
3. Carry out a Gap Analysis – what colour sweets do you have by region, if you’re looking for blue sweets then why chase after the red sweets?
4. Add media that is current – including audio clips which are now growing in popularity with over 200 million voice clips being swapped via Whats App every day!
5. Amplify your value and stop broadcasting your achievements – the ethos and culture of what you do is a key attractor

Angus also shared with us the value of downloading your connections from LinkedIn via – something many of us didn’t know we could do and a great way of keeping track of where you are in engagement with contacts.

A lot of this isn’t rocket science. As a business networking group, most CBC members will already appreciate the value of asking open questions, of sharing knowledge and engaging with people face to face – and it was interesting that although the digital world is increasingly important for business growth, Angus also felt that ultimately once we’ve made contact on line we do want to speak too or meet with people to develop a greater understanding of who they are and how they benefit their clients, building trust and empathy – the oxygen of good networking! Face to face communication runs hand in hand with digital communication.

If you’d like to come along to a CBC networking meeting to build relationships with local businesses, develop trust and grow your business with like-minded people, get in touch or sign up via the website as a guest, we’d be delighted to see you. We are particularly keen to meet general solicitors, employment and litigation legal experts, HR consultants and business growth advisers – if that’s you, come and see us!

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