Talking about ADSMART addressable TV with Sky and Virgin Media

Who is Watching You?

Karen Pawlowska from TakeOneTV recently shared with the Chiltern Business Connection members a new venture which she and her team were partnering with Sky on. It’s called AD|Smart and is a revolutionary new way of bringing the power of TV advertising to smaller businesses.

We all know that technology is everywhere these days, and for businesses digital advances have brought some great opportunities for marketing and promotion to be considered. Facebook advertising is now well-established, but advertising on television along with the big brand names of business is something that most smaller companies would shy away from. It’s not unreasonable, because in the past the cost of producing TV commercials has been way out of range with sums such as £150K being average, such as the now-famous John Lewis and M&S Christmas commercials costing far more.

However, with AD|Smart costs for media and production start at just £6K plus VAT and an average commercial would probably be £10K for the media time, or on air time, and a similar figure for production, depending on locations and complexity of the story.

What makes AD|Smart so interesting for small businesses?

When working with Sky AD|Smart, you can select demographics and factors like hobbies and interests, medical needs, professional affluence, even Local Authority area to then target your audience with a video that will genuinely be of interest to them.  What this means is two neighbouring houses could be watching the same Sky channel at the same time but, during the ad break, have different adverts playing depending on their family circumstances. What’s critically important is that you as the advertiser only pays for the view if it is watched in real-time for at least 75% of the time. For more information on Ad|Smart, take a look at this link:

As Karen explained, AD|Smart has really leveled the playing field for businesses of all shapes and sizes to take advantage of but of course it’s not just about the TV commercial; advertising of any sort needs to be part of an overall marketing strategy so that once that phone starts ringing or enquiries come in busineses are ready to manage the flow of new customers.

TakeOneTV can help with setting the strategy and plan how your addressable TV advertising campaign could work including;

  • discussing what type of video would be most effective for your target audience
  • getting your business processes in shape for the campaign
  • story mapping and structure of content
  • preparing a compelling (but factual) script
  • guidance and training any contributors on presenting to camera
  • ensuring there is an inviting call to action
  • creating a campaign for other platforms where your video can also be seen

This is a really exciting development for small to media sized businesses; if you’d like to know more get in touch with And for networking that provides more than breakfast, take a look at the Chiltern Business Connections website – we love to have visitors!

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